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Cancer Awareness Photo Contest 2 “Hospital” Winners

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Cancer Awareness Photo Contest 2: Hospital

Contest Ended

Entering to the shades of care.
The shadow separates the hospital and the outer world.

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It doesn’t need any fuel to run.
But makes human to think that
“Hands are the one that stands with them even the legs fails to”

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Two kids playing in the corridor

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Created to save the God’s gift(Humans)…!!

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Serving others prepare you to lead others.

546 Votes

The first place a baby enters the world is hospital

15 Votes

The only limits that exist are the ones in your own mind.

631 Votes

The thing a teacher learns from another teacher is not knowledge its experience

20 Votes

Having the hope as a rope and climbing the stairs of hospital!
-the man in strecher

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