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Salem Cancer Institute

We have 50-bedded Salem Cancer Institute in the year 1995 with all infrastructure for early cancer detection, cancer treatment and Research.

Our primary and foremost concern as about cancer patient treatments. The pitiable cancer patient need close personal attention and timely treatment otherwise these dreadful disease control will be a day dream. The treatment of cancer is a time consuming process. Therefore cancer patient have to stay in the hospital for months together to take complete treatment. This causes the additional burdens to the poor cancer patients who are already suffering from dreadful cancer disease.

The suffering of the poor cancer patients has caused us much and we were thinking all along how to help these poor patients affected by this disease. Therefore we started the Salem Cancer Institute especially for the cancer patients in getting relief from suffering with this town and the surrounding five districts.

The 50 bedded Salem Cancer Institute is giving priority to our own college students only to learn more about the practical Oncology lively. Because we are one among the very few in India having separate Cancer Hospital for the students academic activities.

At present, there is no cancer treatment hospital with in a radius of 100 miles to Salem and adjacent five districts like Erode Periyar, Dharmapuri, Namakkal, South Arcot & Karur. Salem Cancer Institute with its new cancer early detection and treatment facilities will be given solace to the suffering patients in all these six districts.