Human Care for Human Need

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  • To work for the welfare of the Economically ill cancer patients.
  • To fight against the cancer.
  • To Conduct free cancer screening / detection camps to make awareness about the disease.
  • To Provide free Medical treatments for their relief.
  • To provide health education to all and any other objects of General public utility irrespective of sex, caste, religion and creed.


The Mission of Shanmuga Medical Research Foundation Trust an integrated charitable trust is to ensure that all cancer patients under its care achieve the following:

  • Parental care to patients in need.
  • Excellent cancer health education.
  • Totally dedicated team members.
  • Independent patient care and their development.
  • After treatment follow-up.

As on today, more than 100 free camps have been conducted and more than 1000 patients are benefited through free treatments at our Salem Cancer Institute. We are providing individual attention to each one of them.


  • The soul of our country lives in the villages and health development of our people depends on the progress of the village health.
  • There are many steps taken for the development from so many organizations.
  • Shanmuga Medical Research Foundation Trust, Salem is mainly concentrating on cancer awareness, prevention and treatment activities. Thus the vision is to give free treatments to all cancer patients irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion and sex.


  • The Shanmuga Medical Research Foundation Trust has established a cancer treatment Hospital and since 1995. it has been doing free treatments.
  • Community oriented cancer health programmes.
  • Establishing cancer care centers.
  • Modernising with latest treatments and its equipments.
  • Updating the Chemotherapy drugs.
  • Dharmasthala for the cancer patients.
  • Communtiy support cancer activities.
  • Expansion of the cancer projects to enable us to provide free treatments to entire country cancer population.