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Black & White

WINNERS: Photo Contest II 2019 #2: Black & White

Peoples Award: Rs.10,000/-

Judges Award: Rs.10,000/-

Peoples Certificate Awards

Judges Certificate Awards

Photo Contest II 2019 #2: Black & White

Contest Ended
the lonely sailor

The lonely sailor

Lonelyness is key to understand your self and it’s never fail to t..

emotion in streets

Emotion in Streets

Women are pillars of our country. Those pillars are in streets to own th..

the depressed child reality of girls from childhood

The Depressed Child ( reality of girls from childhood )

Every parents scold their daughter because of our scary society. This is..

soul capture


And then my soul saw you and it kind of went “Oh there you are. I&..

black and white

Black and white

Time heals all wound

eyes are window to soul

Eyes are window to soul!

A quick click of my neighbor home girl who was enjoying the drizzle in a farm land

black white photography

Black & White Photography

Photography of Physically Disabled Childrens

quit smoking

Quit smoking

Cigerettes burn your lungs just the way they burn themselves.Dont make m..

eye s advice

Eye’s Advice

Eye’s Advice