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Mitra Awards: Human Portraits

WINNERS: Photo Contest II 2019 #4: Mitra Awards – Human Portraits

Peoples Award: Rs.10,000/-

Judges Award: Rs.10,000/-

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Photo Contest II 2019 #4: Mitra Awards - Human Portraits

Contest Ended

God in Human

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Every child is an uncut diamond

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The beggar wears all ‘colors’ fearing none.

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Iam Joy Vinodh from Trichy
aim using canon 5d m4

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Having this life at once is to celebrate the moment by spreading love and happiness. The point you realize that your tomorrow will be assigned by your today’s deed, after that, time will be much valuable than your wealth.

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This photo was taken in a Chennai slum area. When I was open my camera she gave me a smile.

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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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Smile in the face of gaurds of sea matters a lot.

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Finding the truth

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