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WINNERS: Photo Contest II 2019 #1: Waterscape

Peoples Award: Rs.10,000/-

Judges Award: Rs.10,000/-

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Photo Contest II 2019 #1: Waterscape

Contest Ended

This Pictured i captured in Mettur Dam. Its not Artificial Colors. This is HDR Shot. 1 Long Exposure and 1 Normal Exposure. you can see this real beauty on everyday evening 6.30pm in perumal temple near mettur dam.

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Sailor sailing alone in the sea on an eve for his living.
Location: Pondicherry Old Harbour

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Flow Of River Cauvery

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Pied kingfisher

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This is a Long Exposure shot of Pondicherry Old Port dock, glowing in its Golden Hour !

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Freedom from the beginning

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A place to go for a walk, To feel the breeze from the woods and the chilling winds from the seas

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im very happy

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The seas are rough!
But beyond that there’s always a ray of hope.
Maybe that’s what keeps us going.

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