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Cancer Awareness Photo Contest 1 “Cancer” Winners

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Cancer Awareness Photo Contest 1: Cancer

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Every child get addicts to junk food as well as every youngsters should addict to ciggeratte this are all injuries to our health. So don’t eat junk food and ciggeratte . Save life and let’s welcome the world with out

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He was affected by the disease macrocephaly or cancer.but still how happy he is when u see the smile it will help u to know that trouble in your life is nothing big than me

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smoking kills your beautiful life

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now he has a hope to live in a beautiful life by believing that his diseases will cure by somebody

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There is a ‘CAN’ in CANCER, so we can beat it..

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Fill your body with love and peace not with smoke ~Mr.& Ms. Cancer

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It is easier to stay out than get out!

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V aiswarya
Dentist, Annamalai University

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V aiswarya
Dentist, Annamalai University

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Don’t Dig Up Your Own Grave-Give Up Smoking🙏

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Cancer does not have a face until it’s yours or someone you know.

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Fire at one end and a fool at other end.

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If u can’t win the battle against tobacco , you can’t win the battle against Cancer .

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Don’t let TOBACCO destroy you, start from destroying TOBACCO!!

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The incidence of cancer due to tobacco is 30%. So stop tobacco products and choose life. HERE HOPE AND LIFE IS SYMBOLIZED AS THE FLOWER

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Kala Rajasekar– The one who is playing talking tom game in this picture is a Breast cancer survivor survived till November 29th, 2017. One of the strongest person I ever seen in this world and It’s impossible for me

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Let’s Give Hope….!!!
நம்பிக்கை தருவோம்….!!!

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